We at RN Motors perform what we would like to call the ‘Smart MOT’.

The ‘Smart MOT’ is essentially no different from the way an MOT test regulated by the DVSA is conducted. The only difference being a more comprehensive analysis of your vehicle at no extra cost.

We at RN Motors have a state of the art facility that not only allows us to perform the MOT tests to excellent standard as required by the relevant regulatory bodies but also to provide the customer with important additional information with regards their vehicles condition. An analysis of the vehicle’s geometry both front and rear (laser wheel alignment report) along with an analysis on the condition of the vehicles shock absorbers. The additional information is then provided via a print out in conjunction with the MOT certificate.

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Items checked on a vehicle MOT test include the following:

  • Interior vehicle checks:  All seating and seatbelts, warning indication lamps, steering wheel and steering column etc
  • Exterior checks: General condition of body on vehicle, all vehicle lights, doors, central locking, boot lid and bonnet operation etc.
  • Under bonnet checks: vehicle structure, braking system, exhaust and fuel system, steering and power steering components etc.
  • Under vehicle checks: suspension, wheel bearings, wheel and tyres, braking systems and mechanical components, structure of vehicle and general vehicle condition etc.

Please download a copy of our MOT guidelines should you wish to see the comprehensive list of items covered in the ‘Smart MOT test’.


Should you be unsure whether your vehicle is likely to pass its MOT and would like to know what work is likely to be required in order for the vehicle to pass: We at RN Motors are able to perform a pre MOT test: this is essentially an MOT without logging it into the DVLA data base.

This option then allows our customers to decide whether they wish to keep the vehicle in relation to work required or to plan in advance financially.

We also provide the opportunity for our customers to wait and view their MOT whilst in progress. This is service is most popular with Motorcycle MOT’s. Should you wish to undertake this option, please kindly advise when booking the vehicle in.

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We at RN Motors have fully qualified MOT testers with experience in excess of 30 years both capable of performing MOT’s on vehicle’s as well as a range of motorcycles all from the vintage to the new.

All Motorcycle MOT’s are conducted in compliance with the DVSA regulations.

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