Types of servicing:

There are many different types of vehicle services that are now available and we at RN Motors are able to cater for all:

Manufacturers recommended service:

Should your vehicle be new and thus under warranty with the manufacturer, we are able to perform the scheduled service required as per the manufacturers recommended service schedule. The service performed will include the usage of ‘genuine parts’ dependant upon the make and model of the vehicle ensuring that any warranty period still left on the vehicle with the manufacturer is not invalidated.

We also have the capabilities of re-setting the service indicator light once the service has been completed through the use of our diagnostic equipment.

Should you require a quote for the manufactures recommended service, please fill in the quotation form or call for a quote to our helpful service advisors.

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Interim Service:

It is generally recommended to perform an interim service on a vehicle at regular intervals dependant upon mileage accumulated to ensure the sustainability of the vehicle over a long period of time. An interim service on a vehicle would include the following actions to be performed: Replacement of oil filter and engine oil ensuring the correct gradient is used, a comprehensive check on all the vehicle fluid levels and a top up where required along with a check on all tyre pressures and tread depths. The interim service also includes the re-setting of the service indicator light if displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle.

Full service:

Our full service at RN Motors, performed by our experienced technicians, is a comprehensive check on the vehicle, both engine bay and exterior. We start by asking the customer whether there are any faults with the vehicle they would like addressing, such as: hesitation experienced, noises heard, power loss etc. We then perform a road test to ascertain whether there are any noises emanating from the vehicle potentially causing any faults identified.

The vehicle is then lifted on our service ramps where all road wheels are then taken off. A full comprehensive check is then performed on the vehicle before the customer is informed of any additional faults if identified.

Vehicle components including the following are checked meticulously: All braking systems, all suspension and steering related components, general electrical components of the vehicle, transmission fluid levels along with engine oil and fluid levels, All road wheels and vehicle aesthetics. All checks/measurements are performed in compliance with the relevant manufacturers specifications.

Once the report has been compiled by our technicians, we then present the information to the customer awaiting their permission to initiate the necessary work required on the vehicle. No work however large or small is conducted without the customer’s permission being sought first.

All our ‘Full Services’ at RN Motors include the replacement of engine oil and filter, fuel filter, pollen filter, air filter, spark plugs (dependant upon whether petrol or diesel) and a special petrol or diesel fuel injection cleaner.

Should you request a copy of the RN Motors full service schedule please kindly ask within.

We offer a free ‘Smart MOT’ to all customers booking their vehicle in for a full service should their MOT be approaching renewal.

Tailored Service:

This option of service, allows the customer to choose the various service operations they would like performed on the vehicle: such as requesting an oil change and spark plugs replacement etc.

All costings for services can be attained before the vehicle is booked in through our quotation service.