What is the Ask a Tech service?

Some faults on vehicle are straight forward to diagnose and solve and do not require the vehicle to be booked in, it is for this reason that we at RN Motors have introduced the ‘Ask a Tech’ service.

Should you have a question concerning your vehicle no matter whether it is relating to a fault on the vehicle you are unsure of or a general query concerning the vehicle: we provide the opportunity for you to ‘ask a tech’

This option gives the customer the opportunity to generate queries from the basics such as component locations to more in depth assistance dependant on the nature of the query generated.

The technician will provide the relevant information in response to the customer’s request. Should we not be able to assist via this service, we will then request for the vehicle to be booked in for a closer look

This can be done online via the website or via the telephone with the assistance of our helpful advisors.

This option is also available for those who would like to make queries prior to booking the vehicle in.